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Traders Corner

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Garth Mackenzie kicks off the new year with R250 000 in fresh start-up capital.

The aim? To show trading as it really is, give the best advice on how to manage your own trading techniques, and of course to make as much money as we can for our year-end charity donation.


Traders Corner

09 February 2016

This week founder Garth Mackenzie dons his bear suit and talks viewers through a host of telling charts, including the VIX, US utilities, US treasuries and SA stalwarts Naspers and SAB

Traders Corner

02 February 2016

If you've found yourself wrong-footed by a volatile market then don't miss this week's Traders Corner, as founder Garth Mackenzie details his latest option structure to take advantage of further market weakness, without the worry of an outright short.

Traders Corner

26 January 2016

This week on Traders Corner, founder Garth Mackenzie nurses a few trading wounds after a whiplash week on the markets, although his short on Cashbuild is paying off. He'll also show why Sasol is looking fragile, and how to profit.

Traders Corner

19 January 2016

This week on Traders Corner, founder Garth Mackenzie makes a surprising about-turn by going long the Top 40, while taking a short punt on well-regarded retail group Cashbuild.

Traders Corner

12 January 2016

Traders Corner is back with a fresh R250 000 in the kitty, a brand new set of goals, and a rather bearish outlook for world markets. Founder Garth Mackenzie takes us through his trading aims for the year and how he'll be looking to make money from an unforgiving market.

Traders Corner

15 December 2015

This week on Traders Corner, founder Garth Mackenzie revisits the best and worst trades of the year - with some surprises.