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Traders Corner

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Garth Mackenzie kicks off the new year with R250 000 in fresh start-up capital.

The aim? To show trading as it really is, give the best advice on how to manage your own trading techniques, and of course to make as much money as we can for our year-end charity donation.


Traders Corner

26 May 2015

The Traders Corner portfolio is at a new high for the year as its options structure starts to gain on recent market weakness. But founder Garth Mackenzie has still got his eye on some long positions and the latest is Mediclinic.

Traders Corner

19 May 2015

This week on Traders Corner, founder Garth Mackenzie explains why the markets are still looking bullish, and details the portfolio's most recent trade in Capitec.

Traders Corner

12 May 2015

Garth Mackenzie, founder and editor of Traders Corner, takes Stephen Gunnion through two options structures previously outlined on the show to provide downside protection against a pullback in equity prices this quarter. He now wants to buy some upside participation.

Traders Corner

05 May 2015

This week on Traders Corner, Garth Mackenzie whips together another options structure to profit from any potential sell-off in the market. Tune in to see how to you can hedge yours portfolio. That's at 8.30pm this evening.

Traders Corner

28 April 2015

This week on Traders Corner, founder Garth Mackenzie takes the first loss of the year, shows where he banked his Reinet CFDs, and why he's going heavy on cash.

Traders Corner

21 April 2015

Tonight’s Traders Corner founder Garth Mackenzie gets educational and shows which four market patterns are key to identifying high-probability trades