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Africa Business Today

A weekly show that looks at the news and markets action across the continent.

The Future Of

Tap into the likely future of key industries in South Africa, from mining to retail and even the arts. Each week were joined by leading CEOs and experts for a look at the where these industries are and how are they likely to shape-up in the coming years.

Ask the Property Experts

Catch Ask The Property Experts, the show which brings you the latest update on all property related issues - from current industry news, to property investments, the hottest places to buy and lots more.

The Business of The Arts

The series centers around the world of the arts and in doing so introduces viewers to South African personalities and artists making their mark both locally and abroad.

The Money Show

The Money Show is a Business Day TV financial education initiative that aims to help viewers make better money decisions. Join Gerald Mwandiambira, a certified financial planner, and Winnie Kunene, a “money psychologist”

Business IQ

Insuring your business is about more than fire and theft. It’s about managing risk in times of economic volatility, securing payment from global trading partners, taking full advantage of trade incentives and managing risk.

The Big Small Business Show

The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth small business advice whether they already have a successful business, one they’d like to grow or start from the ground up.

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes is as the name suggests: a forthright and irreverent weekly discussion on the economic and political events shaping our world. Based on Barnes' widely-read column in Business Day 'The Bottom Line', and hosted by BDTV's markets editor Giulietta Talevi, the show seeks to inform, entertain and antagonise.

Analyse This

For a refreshing take on stock analysis join Peter Armitage each week as he debates the merits or demerits of the gems he has uncovered.

Business News

Latest News and Markets Analysis

Business Q&A

Business Q&A probes the decisions made by top businessmen and women as we investigate what makes a great company.

Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting is back on your screens for a second season. Join host Leigh Roberts from SAICA, every week as she speaks to different industry leaders, and finds out how your company can keep up with the latest corporate governance codes.

Investing Made Simple

Simon Brown breaks down the investment secrets that expert brokers use in making everyday investment decisions with the aim of helping you work your way to becoming a successful trader and building the share portfolio you've always wanted

Editing Allowed

Join Business Day Editor-in-Chief Peter Bruce and his guests for an in-depth discussion and debate of the stories that are driving SA’s news agenda.

ETF Investor

The ETF Investor takes a broader look at the world of Exchange Traded Funds, their performance over the years and how they stack up against other investment vehicles. Stephen Gunnion speaks to industry leaders on how to trade succesfully in the world of ETF's.

Its My Biz

It’s My Biz is a reality TV show that has run for the past 3 years on The show is sponsored by Nedbank and is geared towards supporting the small business sector in South Africa. The show takes 13 businesses from all over South Africa, representing all sectors of industry and takes their owner on a journey of introspection.

Nail the Pitch

Nail The Pitch brings you face to face with 16 South African entrepreneurs, competing for a coveted cash prize to take their businesses to the next level.

News Leader

Interviews with top CEO's and leaders shaping today's news stories.

Markets Analysis

Day’s markets and companies news and analysis.

Share my Portfolio

Share My Portfolio is all about you and your portfolio, expert guests analyse questions sent in by viewers about their portfolios and particular shares and give the kind of perspective and insight you really need to make an informed investing decision.

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Brent Crude Oil 109.7500.20% up
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