Business Day TV is broadcast on Channel 412 on DStv and is available to over 10-million viewers in 9 countries across Southern Africa. It is one of three TV stations owned by The African Business Channel – the others being The Home Channel (Channel 176) and IGNITION (189).

ABC is owned by SA’s leading financial publisher BDFM, publisher of Business Day and Financial Mail. BDFM in turn is owned by the tiso blackstar group, one of SA’s largest media houses. One of Business Day TV’s strengths is its access to content from this extensive network.

Business Day TV’s BEE Credentials

BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd, publisher of Financial Mail and Business Day, and owner of African Business Channel, which broadcasts Business Day TV, Home Channel and Ignition, is a Level 3 contributor to empowerment on the broad-based generic scorecard set out by the Department of Trade and Industry. This scorecard is valid until January 29 2014.


Business Day TV follows a looping news format, with key material updated and refreshed hourly from 6pm-11pm, Monday to Friday. Segments in each hour are The News, the Market Report and News Leader.

Business Day TV has a strong investor focus, and is highly rated for programmes such as Stock Watch (nightly at 7.30pm), Traders Corner, You & Your Money with renowned personal financial planner and author Bryan Hirch and the Roffey Review.

Business Day TV broadcasts a number of weekly specialist programmes dealing with topics like: management, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, retirement, business and the law, as well as technology.

Business Day TV Training

Not everyone thrust into the spotlight has got the gift of the gab. And even if they do, a foray into a TV studio can be quite daunting for the uninitiated. All is generally fine up until the first question. That’s when your brain gets wiped clean like a hard-drive. If TV training is on your to-do list for next year, we can help. We run the course in a simulated live TV environment – studio, lights, camera, action – at the Business Day TV studios in Rosebank. And to keep it edgy, we’ve pulled together the best bunch of financial anchors in the country to ask the questions.

You’ll find more information of what’s in the course, who the trainers are, prices, bookings etc in the attached document


Business News
On the hour, every hour, the day’s key stories. The news before it’s history

The Market Report
Hot tips, hot gossip; the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s top stockbrokers share their secrets and stock picks

News Leader
Interviews with the CEO’s and Executives who’ve made the news headlines

Stock Watch
A nightly in-depth analysis of all the day’s action on the JSE. Currencies/Share Prices/Hot Tips/Precious Metals etc. Regular updates each hour for the Business Day TV viewer.