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27 August 2015

For the latest on how the current market condition is treating your favourite stocks, join Stephen Gunnion and guests Greg Katzenellenbogen of Sanlam Private Wealth and Korner Perspective’s Graeme Korner. SMS your stock-related questions to 33814 or email: stockwatch@bdtv.co.za

News Leader

David Jones lifts Woolworths sales

27 August 2015

Woolworths CEO Ian Moir takes Alishia Seckam through half-year results from the retailer and discusses how it’s bedding down its acquisition of David Jones in Australia

Latest Business Features

Talking Technical

27 August 2015

Giulietta Talevi and Independent Technical Analyst Frans de Klerk takes you through a half-hour of in-depth technical share analysis this evening. Frans gives you his take on buying levels for ANY listed share, so go ahead and call LIVE on 011 280 3899.

Editing Allowed

26 August 2015

Peter Bruce and the Editing Allowed team takes a critical look at the news making headlines this week.

Ask the Property Experts

26 August 2015

Markets and consumers are generally unnerved by uncertainty. What impact does the increase in the repo rate have on your home loan repayments? Join Kura Chihota and CEO of Jawitz Properties Herschel Jawitz as they unpack this topic.

Smart Money

26 August 2015

Wills and trusts are often associated with high-net worth individuals, but is that the case? Kura Chihota and Warren Ingram find out why these are a necessity for everyone when it comes to responsible financial planning. Gordon Stuart from Sentinel is the guest in studio.

Traders Corner

25 August 2015

These are interesting times for traders so don't miss Traders Corner this evening. Founder Garth Mackenzie discusses the volume spike seen in the JSE over the past couple of trading sessions and shows why he's going long, even as his short position in the market starts to pay off.

Share My Portfolio

25 August 2015

Stephen Gunnion hosts Caroline Cremen of Standard Stockbroking and Nerina Visser of etfSA and they share their insights on your portfolio questions. Send us your queries to portfolio@bdtv.co.za.

The Business of the Arts

25 August 2015

A project that transforms the lives of young Sowetans, and equally does justice to classical music, Rosemary Nalden, Director of music school Buskaid, takes us through the art of ‘working the crowd’ and making good string music.

Sasria: Our Stories

25 August 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives were introduced as part of the corporate sector’s way of giving back to the community. But it takes a well structured strategy to create an impactful and meaningful project. Cedric Masondo, Managing Director of short-term special risk insurance company Sasria, details the steps to follow.

Global Investor
Brought to you by Standard Bank Webtrader

24 August 2015

Abrie Pretorius from Investec Asset Management and Caroline Cremen from Standard Stockbroking discuss the panic that has set in across global markets and suggest safe-haven stocks to protect your investment capital. They also discuss Investec’s Global Franchise Fund.

The Big Small Business Show

24 August 2015

Allon Raiz was invited as a speaker to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Kenya over a month ago. He puts into perspective some of the key issues on the country’s entrepreneurial landscape in relation to the rest of the continent, and highlights what stood out for him about the summit.

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes

24 August 2015

Mark Barnes Business Day Columnist and Chairman of Purple Group join Giulietta Talevi to discuss markets and refugees in this week's edition of Straight Talk with Mark Barnes.

The Roffey Review

24 August 2015

Dr. Clive Roffey takes a look at what's been happening in the markets the last week.

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    25 August 2015


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    21 August 2015

    Brent Crude Oil

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    Brent Crude Oil

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    13 August 2015

    Curro – COH

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    11 August 2015


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