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JSE rockets as resources drive market after China lowers rates

2014-11-21 18:08:14.0

JSE delivers best daily performance so far this year on Friday as China lowers interest rates and stimulus talk in Europe buoys global markets

Google looks to get back into China

2014-11-21 11:14:30.0

Google is considering bringing version of Play mobile-app store to China, a tentative but important step back into a country that Google mostly exited in 2010

Stock Watch

Stock Picks

20 November 2014

In Stock Watch Simon Brown is joined by Gerbrand Smit of NeFG and Independent Analyst Ian Cruickshanks to go over the day's company news and action from the markets.

News Leader

The Smart Money Makes Sense Of Lesetja's 1st MPC

20 November 2014

Stephen Gunnion and his panel of experts: Lesiba Mothata, Head of Market & Economic Commentary from Investment Solutions, Tertia Jacobs, Treasury Economist from Investec ICIB and Stanlib Chief Economist, Kevin Lings make sense of today's decision on rates.

Latest Business Features

Talking Technical

20 November 2014

For technical share analysis and a call on whether it’s a Buy/Sell, Giulietta Talevi and Independent Technical Analyst Frans de Klerk bring you an informative half-hour discussion on technical share analysis. Call in LIVE on 011 280 3899.

Editing Allowed

19 November 2014

Peter Bruce and the Editing Allowed team take a critical and sometimes irreverent look at the week’s biggest news.

Business Q&A with Emilian Popa, Groupon South Africa CEO

19 November 2014

With the Retail Congress Africa conference underway, we look at how e-commerce potential across Africa can be maximised - that’s with Emilian Popa, Groupon South Africa CEO.

The Business of the Arts

18 November 2014

Business and Arts South Africa held its Art in Business Symposium at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. Focusing on the theme “How the arts can innovate your business”, we find out how marketing and brand management intersects with the arts.

Traders Corner

18 November 2014

If you're still not sure what the chartists are going on about when they talk 'reversals' and 'candles', then make sure you tune into Traders Corner tonight at 8.30pm. Founder Garth Mackenzie will run through the most useful of technical symbols to help you make your trading decisions.

Share My Portfolio

18 November 2014

Stephen Gunnion and his guests: Warwick Lucas from Galileo Capital and Claudius Rostoll of AG Capital answer some of your portfolio queries on Share My Portfolio. Please send us an e-mail: portfolio@bdtv.co.za.

The Money Show

18 November 2014

Gerald Mwandiambira, Winnie Kunene and Sugendhree Reddy from Standard Bank discuss how to plan for the festive season from the beginning of a year especially if you don’t get a bonus.

Ask the Property Experts

17 November 2014

As the festive season approaches, many look to find relaxing getaway spots. Kura Chihota finds out what the Leisure Property space has in store for the investor and the end user with John Loos from FNB and Marc Wachsberger of The Capital.

The Big Small Business Show

17 November 2014

Diederik van ‘t Hof, owner of Roof Rats, gives feedback on how their business of cleaning dust, animal droppings and even stray bats out of ceilings, has expanded in the past year.

Doing Business in the 21st Century

17 November 2014

Leigh Roberts and Mervyn King look into integrated thinking: what it is, the benefits thereof and what tools to use to embed integrated thinking. Joining in on the discussion are Mohamed Adam: Corporate Counsel from Eskom and Graham Terry: Senior Executive of Strategy and Thought Leadership at SAICA.

TUNING INTO AFRICA - The Growth of the TV Sector

18 November 2014

Africa is on the precipice of exponential growth in the TV sector, in particular Pay TV across Sub-Saharan Africa. These are exciting times for the viewer but they are especially exciting if you work in the industry or are looking for an investment opportunity.

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