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Pioneer Buys into Futurelife

23 April 2015

Phil Roux, CEO: Pioneer Foods, discusses the latest deal to buy a stake in Futurelife Health;

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Stock Watch Pick

23 April 2015

Graeme Korner, Korner Perspective chose RMI/ 4717/ -0.63% as his stock pick of the day and Jonathan Fisher, PSG Wealth chose Yorke/ 207/ -1.40%

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Talking Technical

23 April 2015

Giulietta Talevi and Independent Technical Analyst Frans de Klerk talk technical share analysis, and take your calls LIVE this evening on 011 280 3899.

Editing Allowed
with Peter Bruce

22 April 2015

Peter Bruce and the Editing Allowed team take a critical look at the news making headlines this week.

Growth Engines
featuring Van Loveren and Bayede

21 April 2015

Like fermenting the perfect wine, developing a trusted brand takes patience, careful selection and a thirst for excellence. Two proud custodians of the Van Loveren and Bayede brands take us through their strategies and successes in this industry.

Share My Portfolio

21 April 2015

Bryan Hirsch of Bryan Hirsch Colley and Associates and Chris Gilmour of Absa Stockbrokers shed some light on tonight’s portfolio-related questions. Send your queries to portfolio@bdtv.co.za.

Traders Corner
With Garth Mackenzie

21 April 2015

Tonight’s Traders Corner founder Garth Mackenzie gets educational and shows which four market patterns are key to identifying high-probability trades

Global Investor
With Stephen Gunnion

20 April 2015

Learn how to pick winning international shares and build a profitable portfolio. This week, Simon Brown from JustOneLap looks at US earnings season so far and tells us why he’s investing in India. Fatima Essop Mohamed, Business Manager for Webtrader at Standard Bank, previews the next Webtrader Challenge, where participants can win a share of US$10 000.

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes

20 April 2015

Mark Barnes, Business Day Columnist and Chairman at Purple Capital joins Giulietta to chat about his latest column topic: "Partnerisation"; and alternative to privatisation.

Ask the Property Experts

20 April 2015

The slowing trend in house price growth has been evident since the fourth quarter of 2014. Kura Chihota finds out if there has been any improvement since with John Loos, Household and Property Sector Strategist at FNB Home Loans and Jacques Du Toit-Property Analyst at Absa Home Loans.

The Roffey Review

20 April 2015

Even with all the political and financial volatility within South Africa, the markets keep going up. Join Dr. Clive Roffey as he takes you through the ALSI reacting in concert with the rest of global markets.

The Big Small Business Show

20 April 2015

Westleigh Wilkinson, Director of OPEN, gets advice from the panel on how to attract more business owners into shared workspaces.


20 April 2015

The Zone visits an occupational therapy practice that seeks advice from the guru on how to penetrate the corporate world, and Mukundi Munzhelele, Brand Manger for Mayo South Africa shares in Danone’s exciting initiative called Entrepreneurship for the townships.

You and Your Money
With Bryan Hirsch

20 April 2015

Bryan Hirsch looks at the challenges that come with estate planning, particularly with no will drawn up. Joining in on this discussion is Discovery’s Harry Joffe from and Gordon Stuart, Chief Operating Officer at Sentinel International Advisory Services.

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