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SA will not declare national disaster over drought

2016-02-07 14:05:03.0

Government will not declare national disaster in response to worst drought in a century as it hopes ample late rains will continue to improve situation, says deputy minister of agriculture Bheki Cele

Pound hurt by ‘Brexit’ debate

2016-02-06 11:37:37.0

The pound is suffering as the forthcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union looms large

News Leader

Investing in a volatile market

04 February 2016

Greg Hopkins, Chief Investment Officer at PSG Asset Management, tells Alishia Seckam where he’s seeing opportunities in a volatile market;

Stock Watch

Stock Watch Pick

04 February 2016

Joseph Busha from JM Busha Investments and Ashraf Mohamed, Sycamore Fund join Stephen Gunnion on Stock Watch to take a look at the day's top performers and answer your stock related questions. Email stockwatch@bdtv.co.za or SMS the word STOCK followed by your question to 33814

Latest Business Features

Spotlight on Small Caps

04 February 2016

Tonight's small caps are a somewhat motley crew of laggards and leaders, but Vunani Securities' small and medium-cap market analyst, Anthony Clark, tells us why Zeder, Quantum, Torre and Santova are all in his sights.

Talking Technical

04 February 2016

Giulietta Talevi and Independent Technical Analyst Frans de Klerk take you through an in-depth technical share analysis and answer your questions LIVE this evening on 011 280 3899.

New Retirement Thinking
Brought to you by 10X Investments

03 February 2016

In the wake of an uncertain economy there is no better time to review and re-strategize your retirement plan. 10X Investments CEO, Steven Nathan talks to Kura Chihota about how to approach your retirement plan with fresh eyes

ETF Investor

03 February 2016

Given the low returns expected from equities in 2016, Stephen Gunnion looks into ETF trends for the year ahead and how investors should tweak their portfolios in a volatile environment. Gareth Stobie, MD of CoreShares, and Zack Bezuidenhout, Head of S&P Dow Jones Indices in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa, join in on the discussion.

Ask the Property Experts

03 February 2016

Rejecting a potential tenant based on race, religion or political beliefs is discriminatory. Tune in to watch Kura Chihota as he gets insight on this matter from MD of TPN Credit Bureau, Michelle Dickens.

Editing Allowed

03 February 2016

This week Peter Bruce & the team discuss whether President Jacob Zuma really will pay back the money or whether there’s a catch; can Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan deliver a realistic budget; and is it time for Africa to change its strategy as the continent's largest oil producers go cap in hand for loans.

Traders Corner
Sponsored by IG South Africa

02 February 2016

If you've found yourself wrong-footed by a volatile market then don't miss this week's Traders Corner, as founder Garth Mackenzie details his latest option structure to take advantage of further market weakness, without the worry of an outright short.

The Business of the Arts

02 February 2016

Svea Josephy, an internationally acclaimed photographer, takes an introspective look at how cities across the world are interconnected by researching the historical value of cities with the same name - this through an exhibition currently housed at the Wits Art Theatre.

Share My Portfolio

02 February 2016

Yolande Botha of Galileo Capital and Chris Gilmour of Barclays Africa Group join Stephen Gunnion to review this week’s viewer questions. Send your questions to portfolio@bdtv.co.za.

Smart Money

02 February 2016

With South Africa's weak currency, many investors are looking abroad for gainful returns. Sable Group's Managing Director, Andrew Rissik, outlines the pros and cons of investing offshore.

The Big Small Business Show
Brought to you by MTN Business and SAICA

01 February 2016

Sometimes a business can be thrown into turmoil due to unexpected events such as accidents or illness. And because it’s unexpected, it can’t be prepared for. So, can measurements be put in place for just in case? Join Allon Raiz, Kumaran Padayachee and Monalisa Sam as they share tips and insights on what to do when “stuff” happens

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes

01 February 2016

Mark Barnes, Business Day Columnist, Chairman of the Purple Group and Post Office CEO chats about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the President of the USA.

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    Anglo American Platinum

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    04 February 2016

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  • 01 February 2016

    Woolworths WHL

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    29 January 2016


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  • 28 January 2016

    Top 40 (J200)

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    27 January 2016


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    25 January 2016


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    21 January 2016

    Satrix Fini

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    19 January 2016

    Short Rand/Long Dollar

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